Jae Luna is a solo artist who is self-produced and sings on all his tracks. As a first generation American, his music tastes were largely cultivated by whatever his brother showed him as a kid. He traces his roots back to 90’s hip hop and alternative music. Although he was classically trained in piano, violin, and voice, he has always had an interest in writing his own songs, even if they were vastly different than what he was used to playing. When he went to college, his interests eventually began to widen to neo-soul, experimental electronic, trap, punk, and lo-fi music. Luna still doesn’t exactly know what his sound is, but his music quotes and pays homage to his past influences, ones that were not passed down from an older generation but cultivated from his youth when he was trying to find his identity.

As an Asian-American, Jae believes his voice generally goes unnoticed to the public. His opinions, his thoughts, and his interests are blurred in with a general populace, and as an individual am shadowed by a general statistic that does not necessarily pertain to him. His music is a reflection of such. He creates music that challenges paradigms and helps him rediscover hisself as an individual that is not limited to the Asian-American stereotype and construct. Jae's debut EP entitled "Projected Self" is going to be released in the Winter and revolves around the theme of challenging hisself against a preconceived image -- a projected self.


Photographer: Michelle Kim